Understanding climate
for the benefit of society

Photo: Thea Svensson

Bjerknes Annual Meeting 2023

The Bjerknes annual meeting kicked off last Thursday, opening with a welcome speech from the director of the Bjerknes Center, Kikki Kleiven.


The meeting started with a focus on how observations and reconstructions are an integrated part of our four research themes, with presentations from each of the research leaders, with invited talks from Jakob Dörr (UiB, BCCR), Ingunn Skjelvan (NORCE, BCCR), Wanyee Wong (NORCE, BCCR), Ines Olivier (UiB, BCCR) and Dr. Femke de Jong (NIOZ).

After Lunch all the attendants gathered in groups to partake in the roundtable discussions on the Bjerknes Centre’s focus and ambitions on O&R.

The final three talks focused on different success stories from BCCR, with presentations from Stijn de Schepper (NORCE, BCCR), Elin Darelius (UiB, BCCR) and Nele Meckler (UiB, BCCR).

Posters covered the walls during the two-hour poster session, which lasted until dinner at half past six. Among them was PhD-candidate Hao Ding (UiB, BCCR) and researcher Stephanie Meyer (NORCE, BCCR), pictured below.

Hao Ding, a PhD candidate with UiB and Bjerknes Center, standing in front of a poster on Tropical Land Temperature Change
Hao Ding, PhD-candidate with UiB and Bjerknes Center. Photo: Thea Svensson
Stephanie Meyer, researcher with NORCE and Bjerknes Center, standing in front of a poster on Extreme Heatwave Intensity.
Stephanie Meyer, researcher with Norce and Bjerknes Center. Photo: Thea Svensson