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Bjerknes Annual Meeting 2022 Poster Session

Here you can find digital posters and sources for the BAM poster session.


The poster session contributions for the Bjerknes Annual Meeting, sorted in strategic projects, and our four research fields. Links straight to the posters. The names are the poster presenters, posters and connected articles have all authors listed within.

Strategic projects

Mari Myksvoll – Strategic project: CLIFORD – Climate change and sustainability in Norwegian fjords (CLIFORD)

Andreas Born – Strategic project: DYNASOR – DYNASOR: Dynamics of the North Atlantic Surface and Overturning Circulation

Nadine Goris – Strategic project: O2Ocean – The breathing ocean

Francois Counillion – Strategic project: PARCIM – Proxy Assimilation for Reconstructing Climate and Improving Model (PARCIM)

Antonio Bonaduce – Strategic project: SeaPR – Sea Level Prediction and Reconstruction (SeaPR) Unit

Carbon System

Chiara De Falco – COAWST – COAWST – ​ A coupled atmosphere-ocean-biological model​

Filippa Fransner – NorCPM – Multi-year phytoplankton predictability in the Barents Sea

Friederike Fröb – NorESM2 – Detecting abrupt aerobic habitat loss in NorESM2

Joeran Maerz – iHAMOCC / BLOM / NorESM – An extended nitrogen cycle representation in iHAMOCC as part of NorESM

Annette Samuelsen – HYCOM-ECOSMO – HYCOM-ECOMSO modeling system for biogeochemical simulations

Jörg Schwinger  – NorESM – An estimate of the current ocean carbon sink - NorESM contribution to the annual Global Carbon Budget

Norman Steinert – NorESM – Earth system response to idealized temperature overshoot scenarios

Jerry TjiputraBiogeochemical Timescales of Climate Change Onset and Recovery in the North Atlantic Interior Under Rapid Atmospheric CO2 Forcing

Climate Hazards

Lars Asplin – NorKyst800/ROMS – NorKyst800 - a current model covering Norway

Rondrotiana Barimalala – WRF – Representation of the Great Horn of Africa rainfall in convective permitting models

Lu Li – CMIP5 GCMs and Hydrological model – Modelling floods in Norway since the last millennium and to the end of the 21st century

Global Climate

Etienne Dunn-SigouinMidlatitude CO2 forcing controls future moisture transport into the Arctic

Chuncheng Guo – NorESM – Paleoclimate modelling activities at Bjerknes Centre

Yanchun He – NorESM – NorESM Output Post-processing and Diagnostics

Akhilesh Nair – NorCPM – Improving sub-seasonal prediction skill of NorCPM using soil moisture assimilation

Aleksi Nummelin – NorESM/BLOM – NorESM/BLOM going towards high(er) resolution

Odd Helge Otterå – NorESM – Last interglacial snapshot experiments with realistic global mean sea level rise

Harald Sodemann – AROME, FLEXPART, COSMO, iCESM – Models and tools for atmospheric water cycle studies

Harald Sodemann – AROME, FLEXPART, COSMO, iCESM – Isotope-enabled atmospheric models

Clemens Spensberger – Bedymo / NorESM – Simulating a (dry) mid-latitude storm track without a Hadley circulation or subtropical jets

Clemens Spensberger – Bedymo / NorESM – Quasi-online atmospheric feature detection in NorESM/NorCPM

Dandan Tao – WRF – Idealized setup for a cyclone moving over sea ice

Thomas Toniazzo – NorESM/CESM – Ongoing model development activity with CAM, the atmospheric component of NorESM/CSEM

Ole WulffStatistical post-processing of seasonal forecasts (NorCPM and C3S ensemble) for improved skill – Tailoring Sub-Seasonal Forecasts for Norwegian Aquaculture

Mats BentsenHybrid vertical coordinate in BLOM

Mats BentsenNorESM - overview of the national coordinated activity

Ozan Gökturk – SapienCE – Modelling the regional climate of South Africa within the last glacial cycle

Polar Climate

Guillaume Boutin – neXtSIM and WAVEWATCH III – Coupled wave-ice simulations using the neXtSIM sea-ice model and WAVEWATCH III®

Elina EfstathiouOn the forcing and modification of poleward propagating temperature anomalies

Heiko Goelzer – NorESM-CISM – Coupled climate - ice sheet modelling with NorESM-CISM

Karita Kajanto – ISSM – The evolution of Sermeq Kujalleq due to Late-Holocene warm water intrusions and the LIA cooling

Andreas Klocker – MITgcm – Using idealised eddying model simulations to understand the role of buoyancy forcing in shaping the global ocean's overturning circulation

Einar Ólason – neXtSIM – The next generation sea-ice mode neXtSIM

Charlotte Rahlves – Community Ice Sheet Model CISM – Standalone Ice Sheet Simulations of the Greenland Ice Sheet with the Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM)

Heather Regan – neXtSIM-OPA – Introducing neXtSIM-OPA: A new ice-ocean model setup using a brittle rheology for sea ice

Anne Britt Sandø – NorESM2, NEMO-NAA10km – A risk analysis on climate change and impacts on marine species in Norwegian sea areas

Anne Britt Sandø – NorESM2, NEMO-NAA10km – Barents Sea plankton production and controlling factors in a fluctuating climate

Thomas Spengler – WRF – Idealised Cold Air Outbreaks and impact of sea ice and leads

Jiping Xie – TOPAZ4 – TP4b: A new ocean and sea ice reanalysis in Arctic from TOPAZ